FSC Friday Ideas for Individuals

Please help us raise awareness of the importance of the world's forests!

Whatever you decide to do, whether to tell others about the FSC system, take part in an event, or simply get out and enjoy the forest, we want to hear about it!

Take part in an FSC Friday event

Please visit our events page to see if there is an event taking place near you or get in touch to find out what there is happening in your part of the world!

Organise an FSC Friday Event

Perhaps you would be interested in organising an event or arranging a display of FSC Friday material. Please get in touch so we can support you with resources and help to promote your event.

Please visit our businesses, schools/groups and forest owners/managers pages to obtain activity ideas and inspiration and for even more ideas, click here!

Spread the word through social media

You can use your social media profile to raise awareness of the importance of responsible forestry and the FSC logo!

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A Twibbon is a virtual ribbon that you can 'wear' on your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures to show support for a cause. 

Introduce a friend to the FSC

A simple idea, but one of the most effective things you can do. Find a friend of yours who doesn't know about the FSC system and why to choose products with the logo and tell them about it. Explain the benefits and show them the logo on products you buy. Information and knowledge are the key to making a difference in the world and personal recommendations from friends can go a long way. 

Enjoy a forest walk!

FSC Friday is about celebrating woods and forests and simply visiting an FSC certified forest is a way of taking part in this global event.  Perhaps you can share a photo of your walk with us on Facebook or Twitter!

And why not take the opportunity to enter our Photography Competition, which has 6 different categories and which closes on 30th November.

More Ideas...

For more ideas on how to get involved, visit our activity ideas page or get in touch!

Set up an FSC Friday display to raise awareness!An FSC Friday display can generate a lot of interest!

Bake an FSC themed cake! (© Soil Association)
Bake an FSC themed cake!

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Enjoy a forest walk on FSC Friday! (© FSC UK)
Enjoy a forest walk on FSC Friday!