FSC Friday Ideas for Schools and Groups

There are many ways in which you can celebrate FSC Friday and we can provide you with resources to support you - please visit our resources page for more information!  Several FSC offices can also provide educational resources, including lesson plans and activities - please contact us for more information.

Please remember that almost any group can hold an event. Other groups that have held events in the past include: Scouts and Guides, community groups, environmental groups and student societies.  Please also note that FSC Friday does not have to be held on Friday but can be held on any day that is best for you!

FSC poster or video competition

Create videos or posters encouraging people to look for the FSC logo. We would love to show your videos and posters on our website!

Make a trail

Make a trail from leaves and twigs for participants followed by some information on the FSC logo and its importance.

Films about FSC

This is probably the easiest way to gain understanding of what FSC is and what you can do to help save world’s forests. You can watch films about FSC (and documentaries on forests and wildlife) anywhere… perhaps in a forest! Films about FSC can be found here.

Dress in green / fancy dress

Use fancy dress or simply wear green on FSC Friday. For the fancy dress theme – dress up as forest products e.g. trees, flowers, fruits etc.

Twin your school or organisation with a school or organisation in another country!

In 2011 and 2012, pupils from schools in Russia have corresponded with UK schoolchildren, linking the FSC certified forest source with the UK market for the products. If you would be interested in “twinning” your school or community groups with a school or community group in another country, please get in touch! We can provide postcards to support you!

Spot the logo & Poll the public

• Discuss the FSC logo and what it means.
• Ask the participants to carry out a simple survey as to whether their friends and family have seen the FSC logo before (e.g. on toilet paper, garden furniture).
• Make a list of the different FSC products seen.
• Discuss the poll results – for example do more younger people recognise the logo than older people? Have more women seen it than men?
• The results could be compared with the national or geographical results of our polls.
• Encourage people to look for the logo in shops – you could use our postcards to tell people about the FSC logo and why it is important.
• Perhaps offer a prize for the most unusual product or for the person who has seen the most FSC logos.

Fruits of the Forest Game

• All participants write down up to 12 (or any number of your choice) products that come from forests (limit this to things in your house/school/etc).
• Each person reads out their list and if anyone else has the same product they cross it off their list.
• The winner is the person with the most items left on their list.
• Follow this with a discussion of the range of FSC products available and what FSC means.

Woodland treasure hunt

Who can find special leaves, twigs and other woodland treasures? Remember to leave the wood as you found it… At the end, organise a short talk about FSC awareness and purpose of FSC Friday. You can also find a treasure trail activity game here.

Scavenger hunt

How many of these (summer/autumn etc) treasures can you find? This can also be played using the alphabet – give each participant/team a sheet of paper with the alphabet listed and the winner is the first participant/team to find an item starting with each letter (there may have to be some compromises in this game!)!

In addition to things found in forests, you can also base the games around activities that can be done in the forest, for example: things to do (such as story-telling, tree-climbing), things to see (such as birds, insects), things to photograph (such as animals or beautiful trees in the forest).

At the end, organise a short talk about FSC awareness and purpose of FSC Friday.

What can you find in the woods today?

Hide wood or paper products across various sites in the forest. If you mix non-FSC and FSC products (it could be things in your house e.g. wooden toys, tissue paper), you can differentiate products with the FSC logo at the end and explain the importance of the FSC logo. Ask the participants to find the various wood and paper products and the winner is the one who finds the most products with extra points being awarded for FSC products.

Ask the winner how the FSC products were identified and explain the FSC logo.

Educational resources

FSC UK has developed a range of educational materials, which can be accessed here.
You can also use the WWF resource for FSC for more ideas and interesting facts by clicking here.
Activity sheets for younger children can be found here!

More ideas and inspiration...

For more ideas and inspiration click here!

zoomForest fun! (© FSC UK)zoomClubs and societies can celebrate FSC Friday! (© FSC UK)zoomHold a competition! (© FSC UK)

Visit our resources page to see what materials we could provide you with to support your FSC Friday event! 

For more activity ideas click here!

We always encourage schools and groups to come up with new ideas - your imagination is the limit! We will publish the best new ideas on our website and in our promotional materials. 

Please get in touch with your ideas and we can include them on our website!

Hold an assembly or presentation! (© FSC UK)
Hold an assembly or presentation!

FSC Friday can be celebrated by all ages! (© FSC Russia)
FSC Friday can be celebrated by all ages!

Many activities can help spread the FSC Friday message! (© FSC Peru)
Many activities can help spread the FSC Friday message!

FSC Friday is a great day to go to your local forest! (© FSC UK)
FSC Friday is a great day to go to your local forest!

You could plant some trees on FSC Friday! (© FSC UK)
You could plant some trees on FSC Friday!